About Us

Who Is GiddyBird Events?

I’ll tell you who GiddyBird Events is… We are your host to providing you with a place to show and sell your goods to customers who attend our events. We host events such as craft shows, vendor shows, and special events. You can learn more below…

What We Do…

We are your hosts, which means that it is our job to travel around the Macomb County area to find the right places to hold different types of events.

We know how important it is to hold an event at the right location. Not all locations will do. Some places are not in the right location to meet the needs of our vendors nor our attendees who attend our events. We want all of our vendors to be successful, so it’s important for us to pick the right location.

Why Choose Us…

When choosing a host to organize an event, it’s important to consider many elements that make up a successful event…

  • The right location.
  • Indoor or outdoor (which is better for the time of year and type of event).
  • Space requirements to suit vendors and guests.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Restroom accessibility.
  • Permits and Licensing.
  • Power needs.
  • Adequate parking to suit both, vendors and attendees.
  • Location ease of access.
  • Ease of transporting vendor goods to their space(s).
  • Allotting sufficient time to allow vendors to setup and tear down their space(s).
  • Safety concerns including¬†First Aid Kit availability, fire exits awareness, fire extinguisher location awareness, and other relative concerns to keep you and our attendees safe. All management and staff are aware of the fire evacuation procedures relevant to the planned event, and must carry a charged communication device for use in the event of an emergency. Also, all staff is trained in the proper use of a fire extinguisher.
  • Constant contact… We believe it’s important to provide our vendors with any changes or concerns that may affect them. If there is a concern, you’ll be contacted via phone call, email, or text message.
  • Highly-visible management and staff… If you have a question, you shouldn’t have to ask other vendors where to find a staff member. Management and staff members all wear highly visible shirts that clearly display the GiddyBird Event logo on the front, and the word “STAFF” on the back.
  • Adequate trash and recycling receptacles in place.
  • Location visibility… We will do everything possible to make sure vendors, attendees, and passers’-by are able to see our event. We implement the use of signage, balloons, and sometimes, even GiddyBird himself makes an appearance to direct traffic into the event.
  • Advertising… We advertise via flyers, signage, social media, newsprint, and local cable broadcasting channels.

What Makes Us Different…

We understand the importance of public awareness of an event. We have been vendors at many events in the past where we’d paid good money, only to discover that the event coordinator did not do his/her due diligence when it comes to marketing the event. Nobody wants to pay for a space at an event and then find that the event was never advertised! An event or festival with no customers (attendees) is just a social gathering that you’d paid good money to attend.

A Note From Your Personal Event Coordinator…


My name is Cindy. I’m an artist and crafter. I’ve been creating things from jewelry and mosaics, to paintings and sculptures for the past 40 years. As an artist, I’ve attended many craft shows, farmer’s markets, vendor events, fairs, and festivals for years. I’ve been to events where I’ve made a lot of money as a vendor, and I’ve been to many where I couldn’t even justify my booth rent due to lack of sales.

I whole-heartedly understand the large and tiresome undertaking of preparing for an event.

Here are a few examples of the chores involved…
  • Making my crafts to sell at venues, fairs, and events.
  • Packaging my items I’ve crafted
  • Pricing my items
  • Naming my items for sale
  • Packing my car (correctly)
  • Taking photos of my items for social media
  • Posting my items on social media sites, and my website
  • Listing my upcoming events on my website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.
  • Getting people to share, comment, and like my social media content so that I may get free advertising for my upcoming event.
  • Making sure everybody knows how to get to my upcoming event.
  • Keeping up with texts, instant messages, and emails from social media sites and from my website.
  • Listing my website pages with social media sites.
  • Listing my social media sites with my website.
  • Linking all websites and social media sites together.
  • Posting new content on a daily basis.
  • Researching SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to keep me informed on new protocols.
  • Implementing updated content to improve SEO scores
  • Keeping up with Google Analytics to keep my website clean.
  • Making sure my website is Mobile friendly.
  • Making sure my social media sites are mobile friendly.
  • Keeping in contact with city officials about upcoming events.
  • Updating permits for each event.
  • Making sure my floor plans for an event are made with details specific to comply with fire safety and other city-specific safety protocols.
  • Finding just the right place for an event.
  • Advertising, advertising, advertising!
  • And so much more!

The above list is just a small percentage of what goes into just attending an event as a craft business owner. There is so much more that goes into the event planning business.

I’ve done my research and have paid my dues with sweat, tears, headaches, and yes… much fun and laughter.

I like to feel fulfilled, and I love the feeling of others feeling fulfilled as the result of my efforts, research, and dedication.

These are a few reasons why I feel GiddyBird Events LLC is a good fit for anybody who is looking for a fun event to visit as a family, or for anyone who is looking for a place to show their arts, crafts, or products.

If you’re looking for fun, and fruitfulness, get with the GiddyBird!

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